Rocky Mountain Greyhound Adoption

From the start box to your 💜 at 45 mph


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Available Greyhounds ready for their forever homes!

This handsome fella is Pbs Primo. Hes 11 years old and ready to retire from being a daddy and would love a couch for his “golden” years.


This BIG beautiful 1.5 year old boy is Sarge. He was born on Veterans day. Hes one of the prettiest black pups Momma Torri has ever had. He is built like a tank but wasn’t really into racing. Mama Torri really wanted him for her own but has no room at the Inn.


This handsome guy is C.C. He’s 4 years old and just retired from a Greyt racing career at Daytona Beach!💜 He is a very sweet, mellow and is quite a good looking fella! Well of course he’s a Sapphire baby.