Available Greyhounds ready for their forever homes!

Dexter is a special boy and a true “rescue” from a bad home. On December 14th, 2018, we picked up this young, 8 month old boy, from a “Free” Craigslist ad. He was skin and bones with cuts and bruises all over. The prior owner said “he accidentally hit him with his car” and had no vet care until we found him. After a month of crate rest (which he hated), pain management, excellent medical care from Hermosa Veterinary Clinic and the love and support of the generous RMGA community, Dexter is looking Grey-t and ready for his forever home❣ Because none of his the joints were affected, he healed nicely. He’s still not able to be a crazy puppy but, but he can be a puppy.

FM Ebonee is 4.5 years old and just retired after a successful racing career! Mama T told them to let her retire with dignity eventhough she was at the top of her game. She had an amazing racing career and did SO good for her Mom & Dad💜
FM Jazzy is 3.5 years old. This specials girl will make someone a grey-t companion. Shes beautiful, loves to play and take long walks on the beach. Just kidding! She does love walks though❣
FM Jerrica is a 2.5 year old friendly and affectionate young lady and not mention stunning 💜
Ava is 15 months old. Not only did she steal our 💜s, she stole Mama T’s shoes, a leash, a bag, anything she could get her lips on! Her name should’ve been Klepto!
8 month old pup is a little shy and very sweet. That’s why we call her Sugar💜