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Prepare yourself and your home

Once you know a greyhound is for you, you will need to submit an adoption application .
A member of our kennel team will reach out to you after your application has been reviewed. We will schedule an appointment for your family to visit our kennel and meet available greyhounds
Before you apply to adopt a greyhound, you should be sure it is the right breed for you.  Read answers to FAQs and conduct additional research using our resources. Spend time with greyhounds by scheduling a visit to our kennel or attending one of our many events

Before adoption day, we suggest you read our New Owner's Guide. Also, check out the recommended transition links on our resources page.

Kennel Visit

Adoption Day


If you already have a dog, you should bring that dog with you.  We want to make sure your new greyhound and your current dog will get along. All family members should also come along.
​When you arrive, you will be greeted by an adoption counselor.  Let the counselor know what characteristics you are looking for in a greyhound.  The adoption counselor will suggest available greyhounds for you to meet.  Please note that your ideal match may not be a current kennel guest. 
On Adoption Day, you will complete an adoption contract and pay the $210 adoption fee.  Before going home with you, your greyhound will have had a vet exam, spaying or neutering, teeth scaling, and vaccinations. S/he will also have a new collar, leash, a RMGA tag, and a used muzzle. 
If you have any challenges or concerns, please call 720-263-7275 or e-mail us.

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