Once you have made the long-term decision that a greyhound is right for you, please submit your application. Your application will be reviewed by Mama T. (Torri), and she will give you a shout out to discuss your application and available kids. If we have a greyhound(s) that will fit into your lifestyle, we will invite you to the kennel to come meet our hounds!

It is important that all household members (including your current fur-babies) come to meet your potential new family member to ensure it is a good fit for everyone. If all goes well and one of our hounds picks your family, they can go home that day as long they have been spayed/neutered, had heartworm testing and rabies vaccination. If their pre-adoption Vet visit has not been completed, they would be able to go home with you within a few weeks. So, when you submit your application, be ready to add a GREYT addition to the family!!!